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Scrum@Scale Scrum Master Cycle

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The SM organization (SMs, SoSMs, and EAT) work as a whole to complete the components of the Scrum Master Cycle.

Scrum@Scale Framework:

Components unique to the Scrum Master Cycle

Continuous Improvement and Impediment Removal

  • Identify impediments and re-frame them as opportunities,

  • Ensure visibility in the organization to effect change,

  • Maintain a healthy and structured environment for prioritizing and removing impediments, and

  • Verifying the resulting improvements.

Cross-Team Coordination

  • Coordinate similar processes across multiple related teams,

  • Mitigate cross-team dependencies to ensure they don’t become impediments, and

  • Maintain alignment of team norms and guidelines for consistent output.

Deployment Products

  • Owned by the SoS

  • Deliver a consistent flow of valuable finished products to customers.

  • Integrate the work of different teams into one seamless product.

  • Ensure high quality of the customer experience.



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