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Our Vision 
"Driving an inspired and creative workforce"

About Our Team of
Agile Coaches, Trainers, and Leaders

Our Vision
"Driving an inspired and creative workforce"

Our Mission
"To improve the way, we work together"

Ernesto Custodio scrum trainer.

Ernesto Custodio,  MBA Ph.D.

Dr. Ernesto Custodio has over 30 years of experience working in the IT field. His experience includes Product Management, Software Development Management, Business Development Management, Project Management, Agile Team Coaching, and Agile Trainer working with startups and Fortune 500 companies. His expertise includes Agile transformations and working with distributed teams.

Marcelo Lopez Agile trainer

Marcelo R. Lopez
 Strategic Consultant

Marcelo has worked in the field of software and product development for almost 40 years, publishing a book on multimedia software development. Marcelo has trained over 6,000 people in the Americas and Europe and coached over 150 teams on project management, agile-oriented product development, and leadership coaching, as well as being a conference speaker on agile engineering, product development, and panel host in conferences in North and South America. 

Brian Levy scrum trainer.

Brian Levy

Strategic Consultant

Brian has been able to consistently improve productivity by over 30% within 6 months of operation verified with predefined metrics. He’s accomplished this by coaching executives through strategic alignment and the pioneering techniques of Portfolio Management.  As an avid fan of continuous improvement, Brian often takes the time to engage in executive coaching to learn new skills to transfer to others

Licette Lendeborg agile trainer.

Licette Lendeborg 
Scrum@Scale, Registered Product Owner, PMI-ACP, ITIL, PMP, CPTD
 Strategic Consultant

Part of Florida International University’s Executive Education team of faculty and instructors, Licette has 25 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications. A former Business Development Manager of Cisco services distribution in the USA, Latin America, and Canada. Licette's passion is to train, mentor, and coach the next generation of global professionals by providing Agile professional development and mindset.

Leadership team


Lisa Custodio
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lisa Scatoni, the Chief Operating Officer at Agile Genesis is an accomplished leader known for her astute operational prowess and strategic vision. With a wealth of experience in business administration and a deep understanding of the company's roots, Lisa plays an integral role in steering Agile Genesis towards operational excellence.


Carlos Perez
Director of Social Media Engagement

Carlos, our Director of Social Media Engagement at Agile Genesis, brings an invigorating blend of creativity and strategic acumen to the company's digital presence. Carlos boasts an impressive portfolio of successful social media campaigns, leveraging his innate understanding of emerging trends and platforms to craft engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. 


Nick Melillo
Director of Customer Success

With a proven track record in client-centric roles, Nick is the driving force behind the company's commitment to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. His adeptness in understanding client needs, coupled with his exceptional communication skills, allows him to build lasting relationships while ensuring clients derive maximum value from Agile Genesis's services.


Mauro González Hummerich
Director of Digital Content

Mauro is an innovative leader serving as the Director of Digital Content for Agile Genesis. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, he has honed a unique blend of strategic vision and technical expertise that drives the company's digital content initiatives forward. 

Special Operations Team


Whiskey Custodio
Canine Executive Officer (CEO)

Meet Whiskey, our brindle CEO (Canine Executive Officer). With a tail-wagging approach to management, he leads our paw-some team, ensuring that every bark, sorry, every 'task,' is tackled with dogged determination.  


Patty Melillo
Director of Canine Happiness (DCH)

Introducing Patty, our delightful Director of Canine Happiness here at Agile Genesis! With a wagging tail and a nose for joy, Patty ensures that our office is a treat-filled paradise. 


Goose Melillo
Three Legged Support (TLS)

Despite having three legs, Goose stands as a beacon of unwavering strength and support in our company. With a hop, skip, and a jump, Goose ensures that our team stays 'paws-itively' balanced and firmly rooted, proving that sometimes the best support comes in threes.


Luigi González
Delicious Content Director (DCD)

Meet Luigi, our spirited sausage dog. Though small stature, Luigi's big ideas and wagging tail bring a burst of flavor to our content strategy. He's the mastermind behind our content that keeps our audience engaged and howling for more!


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