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Q of the Week: How can a Scrum Master break the pattern of unnecessary and time-consuming meetings?

Updated: May 15, 2023

As the Keeper of Scrum, the Scrum Master should make it a priority to uphold all five of the Scrum events:

· Sprint Planning

· Daily Scrum

· Sprint Review

· Sprint Retrospective

· The Sprint

Each of these events has a purpose and can provide consistency in team meetings. Teams will often disregard one or more of these events for the sake of time or efficiency. Still, they will spend more time on unnecessary meetings that could have been avoided with the continuation of these Scrum events. The Scrum Guide mentions that with the correct implementation of these events, the need for meetings not defined by Scrum will be minimized. So, instead of abandoning Scrum events to make time for other meetings, the Scrum Master can reevaluate how these events are done and improve the efficacy of these events to mitigate the need for other meetings.



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