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The Scaled Daily Scrum

If you're looking to scale scrum in an organization, Scrum@Scale is the purest form of the scaling frameworks that stays true to that team core and makes the organization a team of scrum teams.

Scrum@Scale is focused on the use of the Scrum of Scrums. The Scrum of Scrums in Scrum@Scale is an actual team. It is a team of teams, not an event. That team of teams has accountability, responsibility, and deliveries. They meet in the Scaled Daily Scrum (SDS) event.

The Scaled Daily Scrum is not a status meeting where a representative attends, answers three questions, and moves on. In the Scaled Daily Scrum, the members of the Scrum of Scrum teams have two memberships: One membership is to their local Scrum team, the other is to the Scrum of Scrum teams. When they hold the Scaled Daily Scrum event, they are coordinating how they're going to work for the day as a team. The Scrum of Scrums is meant to be the Scrum team at a team of teams level, so they are expected to behave just like the local scrum team would. That's the core of Scrum@Scale.

Scrum@Scale has an almost fractal-like growth about it. It repeats the same patterns that we find in that single team throughout the organization over and over. It does have one difference: It has a nucleus at the center. That nucleus is made up of executives. The Executive Action Team (EAT) is responsible for the Scrum implementation, or the "How". The Executive Metascrum is responsible for organization-wide prioritization, or the "What". Combined they are responsible for the things that the leadership must be actively doing for Scrum to succeed at the organizational level.

Scrum@Scale continues this pattern in a way that stays true to scrum.



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