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November '20 Agile Pulse Survey

Sprint Patterns

Our Agile Genesis November Agile Pulse survey is already revealing some interesting potential findings. Although the results are not conclusive yet, and we need more data from practitioners such as yourself, we wanted to share some of the exciting patterns emerging.

For example, 80 % of participants are practicing 2-week Sprints. Although the Scrum Guide allows Sprints up to four weeks long, this shows a trend toward shorter two-week Sprints. How long are your Sprints today?

Only 67% of participants are creating a Sprint Goal during Spring Planning. This is not surprising as it is difficult for teams to focus on a single Sprint objective. What is surprising is that we do not see a correlation between teams that set a Sprint Goal and teams that complete their Sprint commitment. Does your team create a Sprint Goal?

53% of teams complete their Sprint commitment. Surprisingly, we are seeing teams with shorter Sprints completing their committed items. The shorter the sprint, the more committed items are complete. Teams with Sprints lasting longer than two weeks all experience user story carry over. Does your team have carryover stories at the end of its Sprint?

Please take a moment to fill out our monthly five-question survey and contribute valuable industry knowledge as we continue to learn and improve together. All feedback will be anonymous, and no identifying information will be collected.



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