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Case Study: Agile Training and Coaching to Optimize Portfolio Management and Increase Productivity

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Agile Training Case Study

Agile Training and Coaching to optimize portfolio management and increase productivity with the use of Scrum.


Our client is a leading company providing digital sales automation solutions for the insurance, financial services, and wealth management industries. With more than 25 years of expertise, the company is committed to transforming the industry through innovative end-to-end sales solutions, including life insurance software, annuity sales software, financial services, sales illustrations, and policy e-delivery.


Our client recognized the need to optimize its product portfolio, formalize its product planning and roadmap processes, and scale its Agile approach to enhance productivity and responsiveness. They partnered with Agile Genesis, a renowned Agile coaching and training organization, to facilitate this transformation. This Agile training case study summarizes their journey.


The client's challenge lies in aligning its teams, leadership, and stakeholders with consistent Agile processes. They aimed to optimize their portfolio management, increase productivity using Scrum and Agile methodologies, and ensure all levels of the organization understood and practiced the Agile mindset.


Agile Genesis proposed a comprehensive training and coaching engagement to address the client's challenges. The engagement included the following key components:

Customized Training Classes: Agile Genesis designed and delivered three separate two-day training classes to accommodate the organization's size and geographical distribution. These classes were tailored to fit the client's specific needs and were offered remotely to ensure accessibility.

Focused Learning Objectives: The training covered core Scrum principles, Scrum events (Sprint, Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective, Daily Scrum), Scrum artifacts, Lean principles, Agile Manifesto, patterns of high-performing teams, and Scrum@Scale concepts.

Expert Trainers: Agile Genesis provided experienced trainers, including industry leaders with over 30 years of experience in various domains. Dr. Ernesto Custodio, a Ph.D. with extensive research in distributed Agile team collaboration, supervised the training for quality assurance.


Following the Agile training and coaching engagement, the client achieved several significant outcomes:

Aligned Teams: The client's teams, leadership, and stakeholders gained a common understanding of Agile principles, Scrum framework, and best practices, ensuring alignment across the organization.

Enhanced Productivity: By adopting Agile methodologies, the client experienced improved productivity, predictability, and value delivery in their product development lifecycle.

Scaled Agility: The organization learned how to scale Scrum using Scrum@Scale principles, enabling effective collaboration across teams, and ensuring a consistent Agile approach throughout the organization.

Certified Professionals: Participants who completed the training were certified as Registered Scrum Masters, boosting their credentials and expertise in the Agile domain.

Long-Term Benefits: The company's Agile transformation journey positioned them for continued success in adapting to market changes, fostering innovation, and delivering high-quality solutions.


Through a tailored Agile training and coaching engagement, Agile Genesis empowered the client to optimize its product planning, scale its Agile practices, and align execution to its strategic objectives. This case study showcases the positive impact of a well-structured Agile transformation on a company's ability to achieve its strategic goals and drive innovation in its industry.



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