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The Scrum Master Cycle: Coordinating the “How”

Role: The Scrum of Scrums Master (SoSM)

The Scrum Master of the Scrum of Scrums is called the Scrum of Scrums Master (SoSM). The Scrum of Scrums Master is responsible for facilitating the Scaled Daily Scrum and any other scaled events. The Scrum of Scrums Master may be one of the team’s Scrum Masters or a person specifically dedicated to this role. They are accountable for the release of the joint teams’ efforts and continuously improving the delivery capability of the Scrum of Scrums. This includes greater team throughput, lower cost, and higher quality. In order to achieve these goals, they must:

  • work closely with the Chief Product Owner to deliver a potentially releasable product increment at least every Sprint

  • coordinate the teams’ delivery with the Product Owners Team’s release plans

  • make impediments, process improvements, and progress visible to the organization

  • facilitate the prioritization and removal of impediments, paying particular attention to cross-team dependencies

The Scrum of Scrums Master serves the organization by understanding cross-team dependencies, including those outside of the Scrum of Scrums and enabling cross team coordination and communication. They are accountable for keeping the Chief Product Owner, stakeholders, and larger organization informed by radiating information about product development progress, impediments removal status, and other metrics. The Scrum of Scrums Master leads by example, mentoring others to increase the penetration of Scrum throughout the organization.

In the case where multiple Scrum of Scrums are grouped into a Scrum of Scrum of Scrums, then a Scrum of Scrum of Scrums Master (SoSoSM) is needed to coordinate from that wider perspective.

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