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Scrum@Scale, Scrum Master, Product Owner for Distributed Teams.

We believe in training that creates an Agile workforce of individuals that are motivated, creative, and productive. Our pragmatic and interactive training approach helps individuals and teams transform companies and industries. We support business agility through training at the individual, team, program, and leadership levels. With unique partnerships, we represent elite Agile trainers that deliver the best training to our customers.

New Scrum Class Schedule with Brand New Sub-Achievement: Distributed Teams

Agile Genesis is the only training company approved by the co-creator of Scrum and inventor of Scrum@Scale, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, to deliver these unique classes created by Dr. Custodio’s Ph.D. research on Distributed Agile Teams.

Students will receive their Registered certifications, and will also become proficient in the challenges and solutions associated with implementing Agile in hybrid or globally distributed settings 


Endorsed by Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the inventor of Scrum@Scale: 
“I have trained and collaborated with Ernesto. He is an extremely knowledgeable Scrum instructor and coach who brings real-world experience and agile practices together in an engaging way. I recommend Ernesto to anyone looking to learn how to adopt or scale Scrum.”

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Thank you, Ernesto Custodio, for a fabulous online virtual Scrum@Scale course. I was skeptical of the effectiveness of an online course but you did an amazing job. 

Of course, we loved seeing Jeff Sutherland join the call and be a part of the class. I learned so much and recommend it to all you agilists.

-Manager of Agile Practices-

It was a great experience - not only because I’ve learned a lot but also because working with Ernesto is always fun and interactive. More like having fun while learning, not vice versa. I liked also the chance I had to be part of a small group and we had enough time to ask questions, discuss and share thoughts. Thank you!

-Scrum Master-

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