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Scrum@Scale Metrics and Transparency

Metrics may be unique to both specific organizations as well as to specific functions within those organizations. Scrum@Scale does not require any specific set of metrics, but it does suggest that at a bare minimum, the organization should measure:

  • Productivity – e.g. change in amount of working product delivered per Sprint

  • Value Delivery – e.g. business value per unit of team effort

  • Quality – e.g. defect rate or service down-time

  • Sustainability – e.g. team happiness

Radical transparency is essential for Scrum to function optimally, giving the organization the ability to honestly assess its progress and to inspect and adapt its products and processes.

The goals of having Metrics and Transparency are to:

  • provide the appropriate context with which to make data-driven decisions

  • reduce decision latency

  • streamline the work required by teams, stakeholders or leadership

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