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Lowering the Scrum Certification Cost:
Free Agile Scrum Training through Ohio TechCred




Agile methodologies, particularly Scrum, have emerged as a popular framework for managing complex projects and fostering innovation. However, with the popularity of Scrum and the rate of inflation, the Scrum Certification costs have continued to increase. Thus, the Scrum certification costs associated with training staff members have become a barrier for many business owners. Fortunately, Ohio residents can now access free Scrum training through the Ohio TechCred program. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Agile Scrum training, discuss the cost associated with certification, and highlight AgileGenesis as a leading provider of free Scrum training in Ohio. 

The Value of Agile and Scrum Training 

Scrum training offers a collaborative approach to project management, enabling teams to respond quickly to changing requirements and deliver valuable products in shorter time frames. By embracing Scrum principles, businesses can enhance their ability to adapt, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. Obtaining Scrum certification equips professionals with the necessary skills to effectively implement Agile practices and lead successful Scrum teams. 

Scrum Certification Cost and Training 

Traditionally, acquiring Scrum certifications involved enrolling in training programs that required a significant financial investment and drove up the Scrum certification cost. The cost varied depending on the training provider, format (in-person or online), and additional study materials. The average Scrum certification cost could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, making it inaccessible for many small businesses and individuals. 

Ohio TechCred 

Free Scrum Training for Ohio Businesses: Recognizing the importance of Agile Scrum training for the growth of Ohio-based businesses, the state government launched the Ohio TechCred program. This initiative aims to upskill Ohio's workforce by offering free training opportunities to obtain Scrum certifications. Through the Ohio TechCred reimbursement, businesses can leverage this exceptional opportunity to train their employees and gain a competitive advantage without the burden of training expenses. This reduces the Scrum certification cost to zero! 

AgileGenesis: Leading Provider of Free Scrum Training in Ohio 

Among the reputable training providers participating in the Ohio TechCred program, AgileGenesis stands out as a prominent name in Scrum certification training. AgileGenesis is an established organization with a proven track record of delivering high-quality Agile and Scrum training programs. Their comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of Scrum, equipping businesses registered in the State of Ohio with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an Agile environment. 


The Ohio TechCred program offers an excellent opportunity for Ohio businesses to lower their Scrum certification training to zero, eliminating the financial barriers that often come with training employees. Agile Scrum training provides the foundation for organizations to navigate complex projects successfully, adapt to changing market dynamics, and foster innovation. By taking advantage of the reimbursement opportunity offered through the Ohio TechCred program, business owners in Ohio can equip their teams with the necessary skills to thrive in the Agile landscape, driving growth and competitiveness in their respective industries. 

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