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The Hub of the SM Cycle: The Executive Action Team (EAT)

The Executive Action Team (EAT) fulfills the Scrum Master role for an entire agile organization. This leadership team creates an agile ecosystem that allows the Reference Model to function optimally, by:

  • implementing the Scrum values

  • assuring that Scrum roles are created and supported

  • Scrum events are held and attended

  • Scrum artifacts are generated and updated every Sprint

  • formulating guidelines and procedures that act as a translation layer between the Reference model and any part of the organization that is not agile

The Executive Action Team is the final stop for impediments that cannot be removed by members of the Scrum of Scrums (or wider network). Therefore, it must be comprised of individuals who are empowered, politically and financially, to remove them. The function of the Executive Action Team is to coordinate multiple Scrum of Scrums (or wider networks) and to interface with any non-agile parts of the organization. As with any Scrum Team, it needs a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and a transparent backlog.

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